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Fairy Tale or Acutal Tale?                                                                            Lesson 1

Have you begun to look at Christmas as a stressful, busy holiday. One in which there is no time to take a breath because you are trying to create the "best holiday" ever. The food, the atmosphere, and the presents must be perfect. It is the time of year when old friendships are rekindled and new ones developed. You set out the Nativity Scene, decorate the tree, sing songs, do the shopping, make out cards, wrap presents, bake cookies and holiday breads - what is it all for?


In this study we will take a look at the Christmas Story as told in the gospels and see how it stacks up against our commercial version.


The popular retelling of the Christmas Story:


The story of Jesusí birth as we know it today is often told through the eyes of a child. We see a beautiful star light night with the baby Jesus lying in a manager amidst a variety of farm animals. Mary and Joseph look loving at the new born and the shepherds and the three wise men gaze at the newborn with awe. The three wise men, Balthasar, Gaspar (or Casper), and Melchior are extending their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the holy family.


Additionally, today's commercialism has parlaied it into a seasonal frenze in which we spend oddles of money on presents and food. 


Thought to Ponder:

What is the nativity scene really about? Could it be the salvation of mankind?


What we will accomplish during this study:


This Bible Study will take a detailed look at the story of Jesusí birth as told in the Gospels. We will investigate the culture during this time period as well as the surrounding prophecy to determine if it as any impact on our view of the story. We will also look at the players: angels, shepherds, Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph and the Magi to determine the appropriate time line as well as their involvement in the story.


Essentially, we will get back to basics and hopefully discover the greatest gift ever given!

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It is our desire to study the word of God by keeping it in context with all the teachings of the Bible. We strive to not add to or take away from God's Holy Word. Instead, we will ask you to move through the old and new testaments that weave the rich fabric that is the Word of God. We stand on His Holy Word which is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The New International Version is used unless otherwise stated.

Before You Begin

Dear Heavenly Father,

Praise and glory to the one true Living God, the alpha and the omega. Holy, Holy, Holy is   your   name.   Thank   you Father, for your son Jesus Christ who redeemed us from our sins. And thank you for this day and everything you have brought to me. May my prayer rise to you as sweet incense from the alter. I ask that you guide me, Father, through your Word. Please open my heart and mind to recieve your word and please reveal your Holy Truth. Please dwell in me and help me to live each day of my life in keeping with your Word. In the Holy name of Jesus Christ, I pray and ask it. Amen.