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The term is derived from the Greek word (Héllen) which was the Greeks traditional name for themselves.

Hellenistic civilization represents the peak of Greek influence in the ancient world. It was dispersed throughout most of the populated parts of the western world took place between 500 BC and 200 AD. It began in ancient Greece where Athens surpassed the ancient world in the realm of politics by developing the theory and practice of democracy. After the conquest of the Persian Empire by Alexander the Great, Macedonian kingdoms were established throughout  the Near East and the Middle East (Asia) and north-east Africa (ancient Egypt). This exported the Greek culture and language to these areas. This advanced culture of philosophy, poetry, politics, athletics in the nude and “enlightened” lifestyle was most appealing to those in the upper-class. These new kingdoms were equally influenced by the indigenous cultures. The Hellenistic civilization thus represents a fusion of the Ancient Greek world with that of Asia.


The Romans established a time of peace (Pax Romanum) The provinces of the Roman empire were organized into a series of city-states. Each city-state had its own public institutions, buildings and governmental procedures. During the long Roman peace, provincial cities were dominated by the Hellenistic influence and the will of Rome.


About Us

RCR Ministries was born out of a sincere desire to help all who seek God to find Him. It is our hope that by providing you with sound interpretation of the scriptures along with the historical background that you will gain a foundation of God's word that will lead you to a un-shakable personal relationship with him. A realtionship where by you will experience a steadfast confidence  in His love, compassion, and grace.  Learn More

Our Goal

It is our desire to study the word of God by keeping it in context with all the teachings of the Bible. We strive to not add to or take away from God's Holy Word. Instead, we will ask you to move through the old and new testaments that weave the rich fabric that is the Word of God. We stand on His Holy Word which is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The New International Version is used unless otherwise stated.

Before You Begin

Dear Heavenly Father,

Praise and glory to the one true Living God, the alpha and the omega. Holy, Holy, Holy is   your   name.   Thank   you Father, for your son Jesus Christ who redeemed us from our sins. And thank you for this day and everything you have brought to me. May my prayer rise to you as sweet incense from the alter. I ask that you guide me, Father, through your Word. Please open my heart and mind to recieve your word and please reveal your Holy Truth. Please dwell in me and help me to live each day of my life in keeping with your Word. In the Holy name of Jesus Christ, I pray and ask it. Amen.